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Biological dentistry vs. holistic dentistry

Biological dentistry vs. holistic dentistry: what’s the difference?

For having healthy dental health, you must visit your dentist once in a while. An approach to dentists will protect your oral health from any harm and disease. Dental healing Arts provides the best doctors who are experienced in their work and tend to give their clients the best results possible.

Holistic VS Biological dentistry: what do they mean?

These terms may sound familiar, well they are because biological and holistic dentists are the people who take care of the oral as well as the overall health of the patient. Biological and holistic dentists believe that rest of the body is connected to the mouth because using certain materials may have adverse effects on their patients’ emotional, physical, and especially on their energetic being.

Biological and holistic dentists tend to approach the safest way of treating their patients. They tend to utilize the use of biocompatible and non-toxic materials. They also tend to use free-fluoride products for their patients.

Biological dentistry VS Holistic dentistry

  • Both biological dentists and holistic dentists believe in addressing the whole person. While both aim to improve a person’s general health, they differ slightly.
  • A holistic approach is helpful for patients of all kinds, not only those in the dental sector. It is clear from this angle that dentistry has applications beyond the realm of traditional dentistry in the prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • Different dental problems might affect other people. Many people have dental issues, including cavities, toothaches, and gum disease, but few can pinpoint a cause. This may lead them to look for toothache treatments that are consistent with their health beliefs.
  • And although, indeed, some dental professionals are just concerned with the basics like brushing, flossing, and fillings, others, like those who practice biological and holistic dentistry, consider the whole picture.
  • They and other dentists advocate preventative care while considering a patient’s lifestyle, habits, and mental health. For this reason, a holistic or biological dentist may also prioritize addressing the correlation between poor dental health and low self-esteem.

Options for treatment

Dentists who follow the holistic or biological school of thinking tend to be conservative. They are also adamant that only the most secure materials be used. For example, mercury fillings are frowned upon by both camps because of concerns over their potential for systemic toxicity.

Because of this, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry might often seem redundant. Biological dentists may employ the same holistic practices as their conventionally trained competitors. They’re also both dedicated to biocompatibility testing for all dental equipment.

Conversely, patients may feel more comfortable approaching holistic dentists with questions about other available treatment options. But the biological dentist may be just as well-versed and skilled in these areas. While a patient’s dental plan remains the same, their dentist and practice may change.


Are biological dentists worth it?

It is a question that you will have to answer by yourself. The experience that you share with your dentist matters the most. The dentist may not match according to your expectations.

But, if we are approaching a biological dentist from others’ point of view, visiting a biological dentist is worth it. They mostly tend to look for the problem’s cause and address it. Look for natural treatments so that no pain is caused to their patients.

The treatment that biological dentists perform is usually painless, and they also tend to last longer. Visiting a biological dentist is also affordable for one.

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