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Cosmetic Dentistry Using Metal-Free Biological Comparable Materials ​

Dental Healing Arts in Morganville NJ offers metal-free cosmetic dentistry services. We also replace all metal materials installed during past dental work with biocompatible materials. But why should you care about metal-free dentistry?

Toxic Dental Materials

The use of toxic materials in dentistry (largely heavy metals) dates back over 100 years. The most common toxic dental material is Dental Amalgam (mercury fillings) dating back to the 1800s. 

Mercury fillings became a popular dental restorative material due to their low cost, durability, strength, and ease of application. However, the neurological and behavioral effects of mercury (a heavy metal) are more evident today than a century ago. 

What’s more, despite dental amalgam containing mercury, it also contains alloys of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and other heavy metals like lead known to cause adverse symptoms. 

Heavy metals have also been found in other areas in dental offices. For instance, studies show lead poisoning is a possibility during dental radiography procedures in some dental clinics. 

However, mercury attracts the most attention since dental fillings are common and dental amalgam is composed of up to 50% mercury.

Front view of teeth after Teeth whitening

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning Linked to Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry procedures done in the past involving heavy metals like mercury have been linked to mild to severe symptoms dependent on factors like the amount of heavy metal in question and the length of exposure. 

Common symptoms include, but aren’t limited to; Abdominal pain, mood changes, abnormal heartbeat, brain damage, difficulty walking, fever, impaired kidney function, muscle weakness, nausea, thyroid dysfunction, and neurological problems

Metal-Free Dentistry in NJ

Metal-Free dentistry refers to a type of dentistry that does not use any metal materials in the treatment or restoration of teeth. The treatment is common when treating patients who are allergic to metals and those seeking more holistic approaches to dental care. 

As mentioned above, dental clinics have been using metals like mercury for decades in dental fillings and other dental treatments. However, there is extensive research suggesting that heavy metals like mercury and arsenic are highly toxic materials.

At Dental Healing Arts, we understand this all too well, which is why we offer restorative dentistry treatment using metal-free biological comparable materials. We also use dental techniques that aren’t reliant on metal. As a result, our patients get safer and more comfortable holistic dental treatment experiences that optimize their health.


What Materials Are Used in Metal-Free Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental Healing Arts uses some of the safest dental materials for dental fillings, among other dental procedures. We use metal-free materials that include, but aren’t limited to;

  • BPA-Free composite resin
  • Ceramic (porcelain)
  • Fluoride-free glass ionomer

Our Metal-Free Cosmetic Dentistry Services

1. Metal-Free Fillings (Amalgam Filling Alternatives)

If you have had dental fillings for years and didn’t specifically request metal-free fillings, you probably have dental amalgam fillings (mercury fillings). You may also have composite resin fillings with BPA – an industrial chemical known to be hazardous. 


You could also have glass ionomer filling with fluoride (that is linked to serious health risks) or dental fillings composed of multiple materials (porcelain and metal). Most materials that were once acceptable for making dental fillings have turned out to be detrimental. 

That’s where Dental Healing Arts Metal-Free Fillings come in. If you aren’t sure what kind of fillings you have, don’t worry. Book an appointment to see our biological dentists. Discover the type of fillings you’ve had all along and get safe metal-free dental fillings.

We follow SMART protocol  (safe mercury amalgam removal technique) when removing amalgam fillings to ensure minimum exposure to mercury vapor or particulate matter. We install BPA-free composite resins, which are among the safest Amalgam filling alternatives. What’s more, they come in a variety of shades to mimic natural teeth color and offer a better appearance.

2. Metal-Free Crowns

Metal crowns have been used for years to protect damaged teeth. They have also been used to improve aesthetics. However, there are better alternatives to metal crowns. We can install metal-free crowns that are safer, look better, shield your tooth more naturally and last as long as metal crowns.

Dental Healing Arts offers metal-free crowns to individuals who have;

  • Cracked /broken teeth
  • Severe teeth discoloration
  • Week teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

What Are Our Metal-free Crowns Made Of?

  1. Porcelain-based materials: Our metal-free crowns are made of porcelain-based ceramic, glass, quartz, or resin. These materials offer a natural look indistinguishable from other teeth.
  2. Zirconium: We also offer other metal-free crowns, like zirconia crowns made of zirconium oxide, which looks more natural and is stronger than normal porcelain. Zirconia crowns are non-toxic and metal-free. They are also proven to be the strongest of all non-metal crowns.

We may offer metal-free crowns made from other materials, such as high-strength glass ceramic made of quartz that offers superior thermal shock resistance and durability, ideal for front and rear teeth. 

GET IN TOUCH for more on our metal-free crowns, including cost of metal free crowns in New Jersey. The cost of non-metal crowns will vary based on materials in question, the size of the treatment area, the time and effort required to make them, etc. 

3. Metal-Free Bridges 

Dental bridges are used for filling gaps left by missing teeth. We have metal-free bridges that are non-toxic, durable, and better-looking. Our metal-free dental bridges are also made from highly malleable materials that can be perfectly molded to resemble the teeth/tooth being replaced.

We use metal-free materials like porcelain and zirconia to make our bridges. These materials are as good, if not better, than metal bridges in composition and durability. Replace missing teeth, restore your smile and confidence without exposing yourself to metal toxicity.

Find out more about how we install our metal-free bridges.

4. Metal-Free Braces

Metal braces date back to the 1800s in the U.S. Millions of people globally have since had metal braces installed. It wasn’t until recently that health concerns began to emerge around metal braces. Besides the pain associated with installation and adjustments, metal braces have been linked to hormonal disruption. They also increase a patient’s risk of getting dental problems like cavities, inflammation, and gingivitis. Let’s not even mention the stigma associated with metal braces especially among teens.

There are many reasons to shift to metal-free braces. Dental Healing Arts is here to support you. We have alternatives that aren’t just safe but aesthetically pleasing. 

Alternative to Metal Braces – Invisalign

We are among the few dental clinics in NJ certified to offer Invisalign – the most advanced teeth straightening system available today. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that is a perfect replacement for traditional braces in many ways;

  • Invisalign aligners restore natural tooth structure and alignment in a comfortable (painless) and discrete (nearly invisible) manner.
  • Invisalign has been tested and proven on 12m+ people globally.
  • Invisalign is safe (made using FDA-approved thermoplastic). Zero metal risks.
  • No dietary restrictions. Minimal maintenance. Unlike metal braces, you can eat whatever you want with Invisalign aligners since they are removable during meals. You can also remove them and brush your teeth.

Here’s more on our Invisalign service in NJ.

5. Metal-Free Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically fixed into the jaw to form an artificial tooth root. After healing, a replacement tooth is attached to the implant to perform the same function as a regular tooth. For years, most patients have gotten metal dental implants made using titanium, among other metals whose health risks are now apparent. 


At Dental Healing Arts, we install Zirconia dental implants as an alternative to traditional metal dental implants. Zirconia is a biocompatible dental material with aesthetic and strength/durability advantages making it a perfect alternative to typical metal (titanium) dental implants. 


Our Zirconia dental implants in NJ won’t trigger immunological responses, as proven with titanium. They also look indistinguishable from actual teeth.

6. Metal-Free Dentures 

Traditional dentures have helped many people restore their smile and ability to speak and eat properly. However, they have always featured metal parts responsible for discomfort and risks mentioned above. 

Dental Healing Arts has metal-free dentures. Whether you want implant-supported dentures or removable dentures in NJ, we can craft a metal-free treatment option. We can make metal-free dentures custom-made for you using porcelain resulting in dentures that look as well as function perfectly. Talk to us!

Summary: Cosmetic Dentistry Using Metal-Free Biological Comparable Materials

  • Dentistry has come a long way. Research has revealed potentially harmful materials that have been used in dental procedures for decades. Tech advancements have made it possible to have metal-free cosmetic dentistry procedures that eliminate health risks and offer a better, if not similar aesthetic outcome. 

    Anyone who has dental fillings, crowns, bridges, braces, dental implants, dentures, etc., owes it to themselves to visit a dentist for a comprehensive review of the materials that were used to perform the restoration. If you’ve had dental fillings for decades, you probably have amalgam (mercury) fillings whose effects are discussed above. The same applies to many other dental procedures done in the past. 

    Luckily, Dental Healing Arts is a holistic dentistry clinic in NJ. We offer metal-free biological comparable materials that are tested and proven. To avoid metal poisoning and related oral health problems, talk to us.  

    As pioneers in NJ’s biological dentistry space, we care about the overall effects of dental treatments on the body. We have experienced holistic dentists with decades of combined experience waiting to discuss metal-free cosmetic dentistry with you and related topics. 

    Call us: 732-591-1112 or email You can also visit Dental Healing Arts in NJ to speak to our holistic dentists face-to-face.

FAQs About Metal-Free Dentistry in NJ

Biocompatible materials refer to any material/s used in dentistry that will not cause adverse effects. The materials are considered safe even when they stay in a patient’s mouth over a prolonged period. 

Biocompatible materials in dentistry include, but aren’t limited to BPA-Free composite resin, ceramic (porcelain), and fluoride-free glass ionomer. Unlike amalgam fillings which contain mercury (a toxin responsible for neurological problems), biocompatible materials are harmless.

As mentioned above, the cost of metal-free dentistry services in NJ, among other metal-free dental procedures, will vary depending on several factors ranging from the material in use to the size of the treatment area or severity of the problem. 

In many cases, it is cheaper to have metal-free dental procedures than traditional procedures done by conventional dentists. The cost can also be somewhat similar. You should get a metal-free dentistry services quote since treatment costs will vary from one dental patient to another

Yes! When installed by true cosmetic dentistry experts, metal-free dental implants, crowns, and bridges will last as long, if not longer, than those made of metal. What’s more, some metal-free materials like Zirconium are stronger than normal porcelain. 

When durability is of utmost importance, such materials should be used. However, it’s worth noting that durability is also dependent on factors such as proper dental hygiene.

Generally, non-metal crowns will last over a decade (10 to 15 years) in typical circumstances. However, crowns can last longer (up to 20 years or more) with proper oral care. As mentioned above, the material that makes the crowns will also dictate their lifespan. 

Zirconium crowns will generally last longer than porcelain crowns. However, research suggests that porcelain crowns (ceramic-based crowns) last as long as metal crowns.

To have metal-free fillings installed, you must first have your existing mercury amalgam fillings removed. This procedure comes with risks. As mentioned, mercury vapors and/or particulate matter can be released during the removal process. Some may even find its way into a patient’s oral cavity and cause serious risks if some precautions aren’t taken. 

The importance of professional mercury amalgam removal services can’t, therefore, be overemphasized. A safe procedure should start with a well-ventilated dental room fitted with special air filters that remove any mercury vapor or particulate matter in the air.

At Dental Healing Arts, we take all precautions imaginable. Besides preparing the room, our experienced cosmetic dentists also wear protective gear. Patients are also dressed accordingly to ensure mercury vapor and particulate matter don’t get on clothing or hair.

Our patients also get an absorbent that rinses the mouth thoroughly. This absorbent catches any stray mercury in the mouth that may have been released and left behind during amalgam filling removal. Our patients also get mouth and head barriers to protect them from direct exposure. Most importantly, the process is done using nasal oxygen supply that ensures patients breathe clean air only.

The teeth are also cleaned using ozonated water to sterilize the oral cavity and eliminate risk of infections. The process is done after numbing the tooth to eliminate tooth sensitivity and pain. This also ensures all amalgam is removed.

We replace metal fillings with BPA free composite resin that looks like real teeth and is safe for the body. As mentioned, we follow the SMART protocol to ensure safe mercury amalgam filling removal. Mercury fillings are disposed of responsibly. We also give our patients aftercare tips that include nutritional support capable of eliminating mercury poisoning risks.

Biological dentistry stresses the use of materials that aren’t allergenic i.e., non-metals. In fact, biological dentistry requires the use of materials that work well with the body. Any material that will alter the overall function of the body by posing health risks shouldn’t be used during treatment. Metals restorations and amalgam fillings are arguably the most popular allergens present in the mouth. 

These materials must be removed to restore the mouth’s natural pH. Besides causing allergies and other health issues, metal restorations can also cause gum discoloration, tooth decay and periodontal diseases (gum disease).

There are several reasons to get metal-free crowns. First and foremost, they won’t trigger metal allergies. Metal-free crowns will also result in little to no sensitivity since they don’t conduct heat and cold, as well as metal crowns. Metal-free crowns are also easier and faster to make. 

What’s more, they have a more natural look since they mimic the shape and natural tooth color better. They are also very strong and durable, especially when made using materials such as Zirconium, capable of withstanding the biting force of everyday chewing.

Metal-free dental implants stand out more in many ways. First and foremost, they won’t cause allergies and other health issues linked to metal restorations. Materials like Zirconia known to make metal-free dental implants, don’t cause harmful side effects. 

Metal-free implants won’t corrode the oral cavity causing allergic reactions. What’s more, metal-free dental implants won’t conduct electro galvanic fields resulting in undesirable psychological effects. Metal-free implants have also been found to be as strong and durable as titanium dental implants, provided they are installed properly by experts and cared for as directed. 

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