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Do holistic dentists believe in root canals?

The alternative to traditional dental care is believed to be holistic dentistry. It is considered a form of alternative medicine for dental issues. In recent years, this field of dentistry has gained popularity due to its effectiveness.

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What is Holistic dentistry?

The term “holistic dentistry” is known as a firm of medicine for dental issues. In other words, it is also known as:

  • Biocompatible dental approach.
  • A progressive approach to dental health.
  • Natural dental health approach.

This is the type of dental approach that is expected from holistic dentists. Many people have considered approaching a holistic dentist since they tend to solve problems with natural remedies.

  • They tend to consider the physical health of their clients.
  • Focus on their diet charts.
  • Observe the factors that have contributed to worsening dental health.

Consequently, the approach to holistic dentistry means that your dentist will focus on the significant factors and symptoms. This will include:

  • Physical and emotional health.
  • The spiritual health of their clients.

Holistic Dentistry: Why do dentists perform root canals?

An alternative to a root canal is “endodontic therapy,” which is often used by holistic dentists. Endodontic therapy is performed when the tooth is severely damaged by:

  • Any kind of traumatic accidental injury.
  • Oral infection.
  • Deep decay.
  • Due to a significant chip or crack in the tooth.
  • Having done multiple procedures on the same tooth.

If someone is going to opt for performing a root canal, they often tend to feel severe pain before receiving the treatment. Whereas the therapy of root canal will help in relieving the pain, it might not eradicate the source of:

  • Toxins.
  • Inflammation and infection.

These are then free to circulate throughout one’s bloodstream and can also cause havoc in one. Moreover, certain factors can also increase the peril to the treatment, such as after receiving root canal therapy, smoking can injure one’s health.

Dental Healing Arts provide experienced holistic dentist who can treat dental problems.


Biolase waterlase laser

This treatment combines the laser and water energy that aids in removing soft and hard tissues and bacteria. It is a silent process since no noise or heat is given out, and it is also safe for adults and children. Whilst performing a root canal, the laser is used for disinfecting the area targeted. It can also be used for various purposes, such as removing decay in surgical procedures or soft tissues.

Benefits of visiting a biological dentist

Why would a holistic dentist suggest root canal therapy?

Holistic dentists are the type of dentists who tend to look for their client’s overall health. They try to prescribe their clients natural remedies that can be helpful for their dental health. Taking account of their diet chart, sleep patterns, and regular activities.

Suggesting root canal therapy is the last option. If the tooth’s condition has worsened to the point where it cannot be cured without any natural approach, then receiving root canal therapy is the only way to keep your dental health balanced.

Holistic dentistry: is it suitable for children?

A child’s approach to holistic dentistry is considered safe. Holistic dentists mostly use tools to care for your child. They tend to treat their clients with a properly prescribed diet chart and supplements that help to improve one’s dental health.

Dental healing arts provide the best and most experienced dentists to ensure your child’s safety. Holistic dentists are skilled professionals who know how to treat some dental issues with natural remedies.


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