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Fotona Laser Services

Hard & Soft Tissue Dental Laser Services in Marlboro NJ

Fotona Laser Services​ in Marlboro NJ

Searching for dental laser services in Marlboro, NJ? Look no further! Dental Healing Arts is one of the few dental clinics offering professional laser dentistry services. 

Laser technology isn’t new in pediatric dentistry and dentistry as a whole. It is a perfect substitute for traditional dentistry techniques because it is less invasive, more comfortable, faster, and offers other benefits discussed below. 

At Dental Healing Arts, we use the latest dental lasers i.e., Fotona LightWalker, to offer a variety of key dental treatments targeting hard and soft dental tissue. Our services are unmatched because we have invested in the best personnel and latest equipment in laser dentistry. But first things first! Let’s define dental lasers.


What are Dental Lasers

  • Dental lasers are special types of lasers made for dentistry applications. The lasers utilize laser energy (from intensified light generated by stimulating synthetic medium in a light chamber). Dental lasers are used to cut, vaporize and coagulate both hard and soft tissue in the mouth. 

    Types of Dental Lasers

    I. Soft Tissue vs Hard Tissue Lasers

    Dental lasers can be categorized in many ways i.e., by the dental tissue they target. In that regard, there are two main types i.e., 

    Soft tissue lasers that treat conditions like mouth ulcers and gum disease. CO2 lasers are examples of soft tissue dental lasers. They are powered by CO2 gas alongside nitrogen and helium, which is then pumped with current. CO2 lasers are popular in soft tissue dental treatments because they get absorbed perfectly by water. Traditional CO2 lasers are available in 10,600 nm, ideal for soft tissue treatments. Diode lasers are another example of soft tissue dental lasers.

    Hard tissue lasers perform dental procedures like cavity fillings, tooth whitening, and tooth extractions, among other hard tissue-related treatments. Examples of hard tissue lasers are Erbium lasers which emit light at ~ 2,700 nm which can be absorbed easily by hydroxyapatite (the primary mineral that makes up tooth enamel). Erbium dental lasers will therefore cut hard tissue without damaging nearby soft tissue. 

    II. Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers (i.e., Fotona LightWalker Laser)

    These types of lasers perform treatments on both hard and soft dental tissue. 

    A perfect example of this type of laser is the Fotona LightWalker used at Dental Healing Arts. The laser allows us to handle a wide variety of laser dentistry treatments discussed below i.e., hard tissue treatments, soft tissue treatments, and cosmetic dental procedures. 

    The Fotona LightWalker (AT/AT S) is an Nd:YAG laser (Neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser emitting 1,064nm that can be absorbed by hard and soft tissue, making them a versatile option. It is also an Er:YAG laser (Erbium YAG).

    This makes the dental lasers at Dental Healing Arts i.e., Fotona LightWalker line of dental lasers, the most advanced, high-performance dentistry lasers today for unmatched soft and hard tissue treatment performance and precision.

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Our Laser Dentistry Services in Marlboro NJ

What dental procedures or dental procedures do we do using LightWalker Fotona dental lasers?

Since we’ve invested in Fotona LightWalker dental lasers – the most advanced high-performance lasers on the market today, we are able to offer a variety of services namely;

1. Conservative Dentistry Services

We can handle a variety of conservative dentistry procedures like cavity preparation, enamel erosion treatment, carious dentine removal, and composite material removal in a faster, easier, and more comfortable way. 

The Fotona dental laser models we use, like the LightWalker, come with a variety of hard tissue drilling options. The Er:YAG technology makes it possible for us to precisely but gently remove enamel and dentin from a tooth section without heating surrounding structures, causing uncomfortable vibration/noise, or overlying on anesthesia for hard-tissue procedures. 

The results are also superior, considering ablation parameters are preset as per a patient’s hard tissue condition.

2. Laser-Assisted Tooth Whitening

We also offer laser-assisted tooth whitening services at Dental Healing Arts. This treatment is fast, gently, and minimally invasive. Our Fotona LightWalker Er:YAG dental lasers have unique wavelength characteristics i.e., an absorption peak (in water) that is the main component in dental bleaching gels. 

The Er:YAG laser beam fully absorbs whitening gel without penetrating hard tissue. This process doesn’t involve directly heating the underlying tooth. The result is a procedure with minimal thermal impact and faster teeth whitening results (5 to 10 times faster).

3. Periodontal Treatment

Dental Healing Arts also uses dental lasers to offer periodontal treatments in a fast, simple, and effective manner. We use lasers in dental procedures like gum pigmentation removal, gingivoplasty (reshaping gum tissue around teeth), closed curettage, crown lengthening, and more. 

The LightWalker’s laser’s dual wavelength lasers – the Er:YAG & Nd:YAG, are perfect for numerous laser-assisted periodontal disease treatments since they are cost-effective and minimally invasive.

4. Dental Implant Treatments (Implantology)

Our Fotona dental lasers also make it possible to perform a variety of implant-related procedures like tooth extraction in a better, less traumatic way. For instance, dental implant wounds heal better. 

Other benefits of dental lasers in implantology include less bone loss and faster, more predictable implantation. We also use laser treatment for other applications like implant decontamination and bone stimulation.

5. Tooth Desensitization (Tooth Sensitivity Treatment)

If you suffer from long-term teeth sensitivity and want a faster, safe, and effective solution, you can consider this service proven to increase patient comfort significantly. Tooth desensitization using dental lasers is a quick procedure that eliminates short and sharp pain that is usually caused when an exposed dentine (part of the enamel) is exposed to stimuli like heat. Teeth sensitivity can reduce the quality of your life, alter oral hygiene and compromise your smile. 

At Dental Healing Arts, we perform laser tooth desensitization quickly, comfortably, and safely.

6. Laser-Assisted Ceramic Debonding

Ceramic debonding involves removing orthodontic veneers or braces. When done traditionally, the procedure has a lot of cons. We use laser for our ceramic debonding services. Laser is not only safer (reduces the risk of fractures) but comes with other benefits like reduced treatment time, less force required, and little (to no) thermal effects on remaining tooth structures. 

Er:YAG wavelength makes it possible for laser energy to be transmitted through the veneers or orthodontic braces. The laser energy absorbed in bonding material modifies bonding strength allowing a fast and painless removal with little to no risk of enamel damage.

7. Oral Surgery

Our Fotona LightWalker is also instrumental in dental surgery. Unlike traditional oral surgery techniques, lasers are faster and more effective than scalpels and sutures. When used in surgery, dental lasers are more precise, fast, flexible, and enable more effective healing.

Fotona’s high-energy and high-frequency Er:YAG & Nd:YAG lasers are great for soft and hard tissue procedures requiring exceedingly precise incision control, adjustable speed-cutting action (with minimal bleeding), and deep thermal disinfection.

We use laser for oral surgery procedures like leukoplakia removal, frenectomies, bone cutting, apicoectomy, and more.

We utilize our Fotona LightWalker dental lasers in many other NJ Laser dentistry services. Talk to us to find out more about the above NJ Laser dentistry services and other procedures done using dental lasers. 

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Dental Laser Benefits: Fotona LightWalker Features and their Corresponding Benefits

There is a reason we use Fotona LightWalker lasers for our laser dentistry services. These reasons revolve around the impressive features discussed below and the benefits they offer.

1. Complementary Wavelength Combination – for Enhanced Results for Many Applications

The Fotona LightWalker has gold standard dental laser wavelengths i.e., 1064 nm & 2940 nm. The two complementary wavelength choices make the LightWalker the ultimate optimal laser. There are hardly any laser-related dental treatments that can’t be done using Er:YAG or Nd: YAG lasers.

2. Latest Pulse Dental Technologies – for Exceptional Laser Performance

The LightWalker features Fotona’s proprietary Variable Square Pulse (VSP) tech that provides exceptional precision, safety, and performance. This feature gives our laser dentistry practitioners precise control over the laser’s pulse duration and fluence as per the requirements of the application in question. Most importantly, this control is available at the touch of a button.

The LightWalker also features Adaptive Structured Pulse (ASP) technology that combines with VSP technology to adapt temporal structure of a laser pulses to bio-photonic laser-tissue interaction dynamics. In simple terms, ASP boosts patient comfort and offers unmatched ease-of-use.

The Fotona LightWalker also features Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) technology that ensures surgical removal of tissue in a more efficient manner with greater precision. QSP ensures laser energy is largely spent to cut and very little to no energy is absorbed by interfering debris or surrounding dental tissue. QSP is the reason we offer our laser dentistry patients enjoy faster treatment, unmatched comfort, and finesse during soft and hard dental tissue treatments.

Other notable technology includes SWEEPS technology which ensures production of very low-energy laser pulses that are optimized to still have an effective photoacoustic effect when performing endodontic treatments. 

3. Powerful Laser – for Faster Working Speeds and Efficiency

The laser power (up to 20W for the Er:YAG) makes the Fotona LightWalker faster, safer, and effective for a wide range of treatments with the same system. The 1000x higher pulse power at peak is incomparable to other types of dental lasers i.e., diode lasers in tissue selectivity and overall treatment effectiveness.

4. Online Monitoring Capabilities – for Safe Risk-free Treatment

We also love the Fotona LightWalker for its laser pulse monitoring online system featuring dual energy-meter technology that ensures 100% accuracy. The laser also has an energy feedback control system that ensures a consistent laser pulse output which is critical for safe operation over the lifetime of the laser.

5. Superior Handpiece Technology – for Unmatched Precision and Durability

The Fotona LightWalker is arguably the most precise dental laser in the market today. It features a digitally controlled handpiece that offers laser dentists unmatched precision levels and new treatment possibilities.

The handpiece is also made of advanced titanium to offer unmatched durability over a lifetime, even after constant handling and countless sterilization sessions. What’s more, the laser has an automated handpiece detection feature that activates when picked up automatically restoring the most recent handpiece parameters. In a nutshell, patients never need to worry about dental laser precision and durability-related risks.

6. Preset Dental Treatments – For Unmatched Simplicity and Versatility

The LightWalker also comes pre-programmed with over 40 treatments. Our laser dental practitioners simply need to select the treatment in question and begin treatment in record time. This feature eliminates errors and time wastage common with less advanced dental lasers that need to be configured every time before use.

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FAQs About Dental Lasers and Dental Laser Services in Marlboro, New Jersey

It depends! Cost usually varies with factors like the dental treatment in question. For instance, oral surgery done with a dental laser will obviously cost more than a simple disinfection done using laser. Other factors influencing price include the number of treatments, size of the treatment area, etc. 

Generally, you should expect to pay more for laser dentistry than traditional dental treatments. However, the benefits outweigh the added cost. Request for a dental laser services quote now for an accurate estimate!

It depends! However, since Fotona dental lasers like the LightWalker offer the latest in laser dentistry, you can expect cost to be slightly higher than seeking laser dental treatment administered using less advanced dental lasers. Other factors like type of treatment also dictate cost, as discussed above. For the most accurate cost estimate, request for a quote.

Dental lasers like the Fotona LightWalker have many benefits discussed above, from exceptional laser performance and enhanced results (for many dental treatment applications) to faster working speeds, risk-free treatment, simplicity, and unmatched precision. 

There are few to no cons of dental lasers apart from the slightly higher cost of treatment. Advanced dental lasers like the Fotona LightWalker were designed to function better than traditional dental treatment/procedures and less advanced lasers. Provided treatment is administered by professional dental laser practitioners like the ones at Dental Healing Arts, you don’t need to worry about anything!

Yes! Laser treatment done by a professional laser dentist using advanced dental lasers poses no risk to both soft and hard tissue. Lasers like the Fotona LightWalker have been designed to treat with little to no risk to surrounding tissue.

Laser has many applications. For instance, it acts as a safer, more precise cutting tool that replaces scalpels, dental drills and sutures. Laser is also used to disinfect, reduce bleeding, reduce sensitivity, reduce healing time, perform oral surgical procedures faster, and more. These applications/benefits are discussed in detail above.

Laser fillings take minutes (usually 10 to 15 minutes). However, the timelines can fall outside this range depending on the size of the treatment area, placement of cavity, etc.

Diode lasers are popular because they handle a variety of common soft tissue procedures. They are also inexpensive and simple to use, making them popular among laser dentists. However, their popularity doesn’t make them the best. If you want a dental laser perfect for both hard and soft tissue treatments, choose dentists offering treatment using advanced lasers like Fotona LightWalker.

It depends on the procedure. For instance, laser teeth whitening lasts months to years, depending on how well you take care of your teeth and what you eat. For more permanent treatments, the results will last as long, if not longer, than when administered via conventional treatments. 

What’s more, the results and experience will be better given laser dental treatment advantages such as less scaring, faster treatment and healing, painless process, and more comfortable treatment.

Dental Healing Arts has a simple and risk-free process. Once you request for a FREE consultation or book an appointment, you’ll get all the information required to prepare. Generally, the underlying laser treatment will dictate what you should expect. However, laser treatments have some common characteristics when compared to typical dental treatments. 

For instance, laser treatments are generally more comfortable, faster, and safer, with little to no chances of pain or swelling if administered by the best laser dentists in Marlboro NJ, using the best lasers in the market today. Instead of simply searching for Fotona laser dentistry near me, focus on getting the best laser dentist.

Before starting any laser dental treatment procedures at Dental Healing Arts, we inform our patients what to expect before and after in detail, including aftercare guidelines and tips. We also provide our patients with protective eyewear during procedures and adhere to applicable protocols (infection and biosafety protocols) and medicolegal considerations.

The precise aftercare guidelines may vary depending on the procedure in question. However, you are supposed to maintain good dental care. You should adopt the prescribed dental routine to ensure your mouth and teeth are always clean to reduce risks of infection. Most importantly, you should visit your dentist as required.

As mentioned, laser dental treatment done by professionals using the best equipment comes with little to no risk. However, some pain, itching, or burning sensation may occur after treatment. Some redness/inflammation or swelling can also be experienced. 

However, these are just minor short-term effects that disappear on their own. While highly unlikely, prolonged or serious side effects can occur and shouldn’t be ignored.

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