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Holistic Dentist NJ

Are you searching for holistic dentist NJ services? We, Dental Healing Arts are among the few holistic dental clinics in NJ. We serve Morganville and the greater NJ area. If you wish for dental treatment that focuses on natural remedies, look no further! 

Our holistic approach also considers overall health. Unlike typical dentistry services, we are concerned about the root cause of your dental issues.

Definition of Holistic Dentistry: What is Holistic Dentistry?

To understand our holistic dentistry NJ services in-depth and know exactly what to expect, it’s important to define the term. Holistic dentistry (also known as natural dentistry, alternative dentistry, unconventional dentistry, naturopathic dentistry, biological dentistry, biocompatible dentistry or preventative dentistry) refers to a dentistry approach that takes a holistic outlook to treatment. 

Holistic dentistry can be compared to alternative medicine, but for dentistry. As a result, it entails natural remedies. Instead of focusing on traditional medicines, holistic dentists recommend natural care and treatments. The approach also focuses on the entire body’s health as a whole as opposed to dental health alone.


Holistic vs Traditional Dentistry

The differences between traditional and biological/holistic dentistry can be examined through three factors discussed below;

I. Philosophy

Holistic dentistry is concerned about the entire body, while traditional dentistry is about dental health only. In simple terms, holistic dentists will “dig” for the root cause of dental health problems and recommend preventative measures. Traditional dentists focus on dental-related symptoms only.

Our mission is taking care of your overall health.

II. Treatments

While traditional dentistry utilizes modern medicines, holistic dentistry focuses on natural or alternative methods. For instance, treatment can involve diet, herbs, vitamins, and certain therapies as opposed to modern medication.

Dental Healing Arts uses a variety of plants/herbs in our treatments to offer anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and other effects. These herbs include but aren’t limited to eucalyptus, chamomile, peppermint, and aloe vera. Our herbal treatments offer pain relief, treating mouth sores, and other dental problems.

We use several therapies to influence energy fields that surround and penetrate the body. Therapies like bioelectromagnetic therapy use electromagnetism or pulsed fields unconventionally. Other treatments include spine manipulation, which aims to exert pressure on certain nerves.

III. Materials Used

Holistic dentistry focuses on biocompatible materials. Traditional dentistry doesn’t have such restrictions, which is why fluoride and materials like silver mercury (or amalgam) have been used for fillings despite their apparent risks. 

Leading NJ Holistic dentists (like us) use safe, biocompatible materials only, which is why we offer services like replacement of amalgam fillings. We use composite fillings, inlays, crowns and onlays made using biocompatible materials. Dental Healing Arts also uses x-ray systems with reduced emitted radiation. Our x-ray systems produce way less radiation than traditional x-ray systems.

What Holistic Dentists Do? How We Offer Holistic Dentistry Services

What dental health problems do holistic dentists treat? Holistic dentists at Dental Healing Arts treat teeth and oral health issues like traditional dentists. We treat;

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth infections
  • Gum disease
  • Enamel degradation
  • Dry mouth, and many other dental diseases 

However, our focus is usually broader. Besides focusing on proper dental hygiene such as flossing, brushing regularly, and medicinal treatments, we recommend other extra treatments like a change in diet, use of herbs (instead of modern medicine), spiritual healing, homeopathy, and cold laser treatment to treat your dental health issue. We don’t favor fluoride treatments, amalgam materials, and other potentially harmful dental materials. 


Do you have a question? Perhaps you’d like to speak to a holistic dentist or schedule an appointment. Fill out our simple form and a team member will contact you shortly!

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry Treatment: Our Advantage

There are several reasons to choose our holistic dentist NJ services over traditional dentistry services. Our services offer the following main benefits;

As mentioned, holistic dentistry goes beyond dental health. We focus on the underlying health problems that may be responsible for gum disease, tooth decay, and other periodontal diseases. Conditions like gum disease are linked to high blood pressure. Headaches and migraines may also be a sign of an imbalanced jaw. We evaluate all symptoms beyond your dental formula and get to the root cause of your problem. 

Dental Healing Arts patients get everything they need to achieve optimal dental and overall health. We look at all symptoms beyond the dental formula. As mentioned above, we utilize therapies that treat all kinds of health problems safely and effectively. Our treatments encourage the body to heal itself. Our holistic approach optimizes your immunity. If we identify a health problem beyond our scope of expertise, we recommend an ideal specialist.

Holistic dentistry is also custom in nature. Instead of taking a blanket approach, we treat each case individually. Treatment is customized for every patient based on your oral health, overall health, functionality, dental formula (smile aesthetics), medical history, and other factors unique to a person. Our customized approach ensures every patient enjoys the best results possible.

As mentioned, one of the main differences between holistic and traditional dentistry procedures is in the materials used. Besides using materials that don’t pose any health risk to your body, treatment is also less invasive. 

While traditional dentists would remove a tooth cavity and fill up the hole, we only remove tooth material that is absolutely necessary. The same applies to procedures requiring drilling or removal of natural tooth material. This approach ensures our patients maintain maximum natural tooth material, which is critical for optimal tooth strength and functionality.

Holistic dentistry doesn’t mean the absence of technology. Dental Healing Arts has invested in some of the latest holistic dentistry technology. We have diagnostic equipment that allows us to detect dental health problems quickly, which is critical for effective treatment. We also utilize lasers to offer effective but minimally invasive treatment characterized by faster recovery times.

Holistic dentistry also focuses on biocompatible nontoxic materials only in the treatment of dental health problems. We offer mercury-free dental filling in NJ. We replace mercury fillings with nontoxic materials. You never have to worry about crowns, fillings, and other materials with unsafe compounds like lead and mercury. 

Dental health problems have an underlying cause. For instance, worn teeth are commonly linked to untreated TMJ disorder. Instead of treating worn teeth using dental crowns, our NJ holistic dentists look for the underlying cause. If the cause is TMJ disorder, we will treat that and your worn teeth preventing problems in the future. This benefit eliminates expensive repeat treatments.

We care as much about your healthy smile as we do about your dental function. Our holistic dentists ensure you regain the function of your teeth and look as good as possible. Through our holistic dentist NJ services like removal of amalgam fillings, you will still be able to chew comfortably and have fillings that resemble the color of natural teeth. We use safe composite material that resembles teeth in color and function.

Risks of Holistic Dentistry

Does holistic dentistry pose any risks? No! Provided you seek services from a professional holistic dentist, you can expect risk-free services. As mentioned, holistic dentistry exists to offer a safer alternative to traditional dentistry. The elimination of toxic materials like mercury and lead in dental fillings reduces risk of mercury poisoning. 

While there are some studies suggesting certain risks, there’s no concrete evidence to substantiate these claims. For instance, the absence of fluoride in treating tooth decay can be assumed to increase risk of cavities since fluoride is commonly used to prevent cavities. However, holistic dentists recommend measures like proper dental hygiene (brushing and flossing frequently and using herbs common in toothpaste), which is equally effective.

We also consider patient history, which eliminates the likelihood of our treatments like herbs causing adverse side effects among patients taking certain prescription drugs or those suffering from certain chronic conditions. 

Our Holistic Dentistry Difference

If you’re wondering why Dental Healing Arts should be your preferred biological dentist clinic in NJ, here are some top reasons;

  1. Safe and effective holistic dental services: Holistic dentistry is undoubtedly the safest dental service. The unmatched focus on nontoxic materials and the underlying causes of dental issues makes the treatment less risky and effective.
  2. Variety of services: Besides offering holistic dentistry services, we also offer dental bonding, extractions, TMJ jaw treatment, amalgam removal, ozone therapy, dental crowns & bridges, dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, homeopathic remedies, scaling, and root planing. Dental Healing Arts also offers specialty services like Invisalign (invisible braces) and HealthyStart for straightening kids’ teeth without braces. 

iii. Tested and proven: We’ve offered holistic dentistry services in NJ and other dental services to over 5,000+. Our 14 dental professionals offer 20+ dental services. Our dental team experience is also unmatched i.e., almost a century of combined dental experience.

  1. Numerous payment options: Dental Healing Arts participates in numerous traditional insurance plans. If you have coverage, you can pay via insurance. We also offer numerous finance options.

v. 24/7 dental services: We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Patients who face life-threatening dental issues or severe injuries can contact us and get treatment anytime. We can treat chipped teeth, tooth loss, and other emergencies resulting from accidents or life-threatening conditions.

FAQs on Holistic Dentistry NJ

Yes! Holistic dentistry is not only safe but takes a better, more natural approach to child dental care. Conditions that commonly affect children, like cavities and plaque buildup, are treated using far less invasive treatment methods. Holistic dentistry is also less painful than traditional dentistry, making it better for children. 

Yes! It is possible to get holistic dentistry coverage in NJ if you use the right provider. While holistic dentistry may not be a common specialty in most providers’ directories, you can find providers who offer coverage. If you have a preferred holistic dentist, check if they are listed by your provider. Most holistic dentists accept health insurance. However, it is prudent to ask beforehand.

There is a general misconception that holistic dentists are much more expensive than typical dentists. However, this isn’t the case when you compare the long-term nature of the treatment. Since holistic dentistry tackles the root cause of dental problems, most dental problems are dealt with completely, eliminating the need for costly recurrent dental practice visits. 

With that said, the cost of holistic dentist services in NJ varies depending on many factors, including the material in question. The nontoxic materials used in holistic dentistry i.e., biomimetic composite and glass ionomer, to fill cavities vary in cost. The holistic dental procedure in question will also dictate the cost. For instance, holistic dental fillings can cost $150 to $900. Holistic dental crowns can cost $600 to $2700, depending on material/s in question. 

Prices will also vary from one NJ holistic dental clinic to another. Generally, holistic dentists will charge slightly more compared to traditional dentists. This is attributable to their additional holistic treatment skills and the biocompatible materials they use in treatment, among other factors.

Contact Dental Healing Arts to know the exact cost of holistic dentist NJ services.

Yes! Holistic dentists treat cavities using nontoxic fillings. Patients who have amalgam fillings can have such fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings through a less invasive procedure. The process begins by preparing the tooth. This can be done via air abrasion. Traditional dentists use dental drills. Once the decay is removed, the resulting void is filled using composite resin that matches the color of natural teeth. The resulting filling is, therefore, undetectable. The process is usually fast and requires one visit.

Yes. Holistic dentists can do root canal treatments to relieve pain. The procedure involves removing infected nerves but comes with herbal alternatives. What’s more, holistic dentists will try everything to save your teeth. 

Holistic dentists use composite resin, porcelain, or other nontoxic fillings. However, composite resin fillings may be made of different glass and plastic materials that aren’t nontoxic. While traditional dentists use metal amalgams, holistic dentists use hardened forms of nontoxic composite fillings.

It’s important to note that there are toxic forms of composite fillings with materials like bis-GMA and BPA known to cause a variety of reproductive, neurology, and immune health problems. To get nontoxic forms of composite fillings, seek holistic dentist NJ services from a trusted clinic like Dental Healing Arts. 

Holistic dentists also use biocompatible tooth fillings made using porcelain as an alternative to nontoxic composite fillings. Both porcelain and composite fillings can be color-matched. However, porcelain doesn’t stain. Composite is, however, better in regards to durability. Porcelain fillings have a lower likelihood of breaking. 

Holistic dental hygiene refers to a more natural approach to oral care. The approach helps patients become aware of their dental formula, what passes through, and its impact on the mouth and the entire body.

Cross-bites, crooked teeth, and other misalignment issues aren’t in our DNA. Teeth should be straight. The jaw structure should also be well developed and balanced. Holistic orthodontics are dental professionals who use orthodontic expanders as well as myofunctional therapy to achieve facial balance, create healthy breathing patterns, and beautiful smiles. 

Yes! A holistic dentist in NJ or any other state must first go through the same dental training required for one to become a general dentist. All dentists in the US need to go to an approved or accredited dental school. While traditional dentists can begin practicing immediately, holistic dentists undergo further training by taking holistic healing courses.

However, it’s worth noting that biological dentistry courses are not taught in dental schools. In fact, holistic healing courses aren’t recognized specialties like periodontics. However, holistic training is a critical part of becoming a holistic dentist. 

Holistic dentistry dates back to a Canadian dentist – Weston Price, who blamed cavities on modern western diets characterized by consumption of processed sugar, white flour, and pasteurized milk. His theory was later promoted by others who were proponents of a balanced body chemistry.

The HDA (or Holistic Dental Association) was established in 1978 to propagate the common interest in holistic dental treatment modalities excluded from dental school curriculum. The HDA provided additional dental treatment options. The establishment of the HDA, therefore, marks the official introduction of a holistic dentistry forum aimed at developing and sharing healing-promoting therapies.

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