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Looking for Orthodontist services in Manalapan, New Jersey, and beyond. Look no further! Dental Healing Arts have been treating patients for years thanks to our experienced team of orthodontists who are not only passionate about dental health but are also true professionals who care about their patients.

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Who is an Orthodontist?

You may be wondering who orthodontists are precisely and what they do. Well, here’s what you need to know; Orthodontists can be described as doctors (dentists) who specialize in jaw and teeth alignment. 

What Exactly Do Orthodontists Do?

  • They are dentistry specialists that focus on diagnosis, management, prevention, and correction of misaligned jaws and teeth. Orthodontists also address misaligned bite patterns and facial growth modification (dentofacial orthopaedics).

    At Dental Healing Arts, we address misalignment using removable and fixed dental devices such as braces, bands, and retainers. These devices change teeth position slowly, treating common jaw and teeth misalignment problems like;

    • Crooked teeth
    • Jaw misalignment
    • Overbite or underbite
    • Crowded teeth (teeth that are too close to each other, sometimes overlapping)
    • Teeth gaps (teeth that are too far apart)

    The primary goal of orthodontists like us is to improve your bite. Teeth that are straight and perfectly spaced align correctly with opposing teeth. A healthy bite improves speech, chewing, and eating.

    Orthodontists work can also be assessed based on who they treat i.e., orthodontists for children, orthodontists for teens, or orthodontists for adults, referring to orthodontists who treat children, teens, and adults, respectively. 

    While orthodontists have been traditionally associated with teens who need braces, we offer our services to everyone regardless of age. We can correct misalignment problems for patients of all ages.


Orthodontists for Children in New Jersey

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends children to be screened by an orthodontist by age 7. Dental Healing Arts offers orthodontic screening services for children in NJ to diagnose misalignment issues and advise on the need for treatment. 

Screening should be done by age 7 since this is when the first permanent teeth (molars and incisors) are growing, and issues like teeth crowding, crossbite, and other misalignment problems can be assessed. If there are issues, we can guide the teeth and jaw accordingly. 


Orthodontist for Children Benefits

Depending on the reason for seeking this service, children patients stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Reduced chances of having impacted permanent teeth
  • Space for growth of permanent teeth
  • Regulated width of dental arches (with palatal expanders)
  • Corrects thumb-sucking
  • Solution to speech and abnormal swallowing problems.

Contact Dental Healing Arts for more information. You can also book an appointment or get an NJ orthodontist quote for children. Call: (732)-591-1112 or email:

Orthodontist for Adults in New Jersey

Our NJ Orthodontic treatment can benefit adults as well. We treat adults who have teeth and jaw misalignment issues or related problems. We have modern dental technologies and methods that can solve misalignment among permanent adult teeth. For instance, we offer clear aligners to adults as well as other patients who want the benefits of braces minus the conspicuous nature of traditional braces. 


Orthodontist for Adult Benefits

There are many reasons for adults to seek orthodontist services. The most notable include;

  • Beautiful healthy smiles
  • A better bite
  • Straighter teeth

Contact us for more information on clear braces. You can book an appointment or get an NJ orthodontist quote for adults.

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Our Main Services and Treatments

  • We offer a variety of orthodontist services. Our main services include, but aren’t limited to; 

    a. Metal and Ceramic Braces 

    This service is extended to persons with overcrowded or crooked teeth, which cause speech issues, chewing issues, gum disease, and jaw problems. Braces align the teeth and bite by gradually moving the teeth back to the correct position. 

    Metal Braces

    We have metal braces which have their own pros and cons. As the name suggests, these are traditional braces made of metal. We bond or cement metal braces to the teeth. Our metal braces are composed of flexible wire fitted through slots in brackets to connect and hold braces together. 

    We also use ligatures (small bands) for holding the wire in place. In some cases, we can cement/bond a metal ring to the back teeth to offer anchorage and strengthen the braces. 

    Patients are required to visit every 6 to 8 weeks to assess for correct alignment. During these visits, our orthodontists will tighten or loosen the braces as well as add a metal ring for extra anchorage. Metallic braces are effective and durable. 

    However, they are considered the most conspicuous type of braces. They also tend to cause more discomfort and sores when the wires get into contact with parts of the mouth.



Ceramic braces

We also offer ceramic braces, which are just like metal braces but with clear or ceramic (tooth-colored) brackets. The silver or gray metallic wires and brackets make them less conspicuous than traditional metal braces. This service is, therefore, for those people who want a less noticeable version of metal braces. 

Book an appointment today or find out more about our traditional and ceramic braces! Call: (732)-591-1112

  • b. Invisalign & Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners 

    We also offer Invisalign, an alternative treatment to traditional and ceramic braces. In fact, Dental Healing Arts are Invisalign Certified. Invisalign is a patented teeth alignment system consisting of clear removable aligners that move the teeth slowly over time.  

    Invisalign aligners straighten the teeth more comfortably and predictably than traditional braces. They are also faster. Invisalign works like traditional braces minus the restrictions when chewing or eating since they are removed before eating. Most importantly, they are clear and almost impossible to notice, unlike traditional braces.

    Typical treatment can last 6 months but varies depending on the extent of your teeth alignment problems.

How We Offer Invisalign in NJ

This treatment is available both to adults and teens. 

Step 1: Consultation and Examination

To identify suitable candidates for the treatment, we must take a patient through a consultative and examination stage where experienced orthodontists examine you. 

Step 2: Taking Photos/Scans

This examination step is followed by taking photos and 3D digital scans of a patient’s mouth. We’ve invested in the latest technology and technicians to ensure we take the most accurate 3D digital images quickly, comfortably and safely.

Step 3:  Fabrication of Invisalign Aligners

The photos and scans make it possible for us to fabricate aligners for patients using 3D printing technology and flexible patented thermoplastic material. Several aligners are made and meant to move teeth approximately 0.25mm at a time. Patients move the next aligner once the teeth have moved as required. 

Step 4: Wearing and Invisalign Care

We offer detailed guidelines on wearing and caring for aligners. Our patients know exactly what they need to do to get the best results, including regular visits to assess progress.

Find out more about our Invisalign Certified Services in NJ.

c. Self-Ligating Braces 

We also offer self-ligating braces for patients who wish to be subjected to fewer appointments. The braces feature the same materials used to make traditional braces. However, they don’t use elastic. Instead, they feature a specialized clip that helps the wire guide misaligned teeth into perfect alignment. 

The clip reduces pressure exerted on teeth and reduces the number of adjustments since there’s no elastic to replace. The result is fewer appointments and less pressure. Self-ligating braces can be clear, ceramic, or made of metal. They offer more aesthetic options.

We offer both passive and active self-ligating braces with a smaller and thicker archwire, respectively. Active self-ligating brackets exert more pressure and move teeth more aggressively, while passive brackets (with a smaller archwire) have less friction and pressure. They move teeth more freely. 

Learn more about our Board Certified Invisalign Services: CLICK HERE

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How Our Orthodontist Services Work

  • Getting treatment for teeth and jaw misalignment is simple. Follow the steps below;

    Step 1: Request for a FREE Orthodontic Consultation

    We offer free initial consultations to persons who feel they need orthodontist services. If you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, among other misalignment issues, you can reach out for a consultation with one of our experienced orthodontists online or in person. 

    This step is aimed at determining the need for our services, selecting the best-suited service for you and creating a treatment plan! The cost of orthodontic treatment is also established during this step.

    Step 2: Book an Appointment

    Once a need for our services is established, you can proceed and book an appointment at your convenience and based on the availability of our orthodontists. 

    Step 3: Treatment

    When you show up for your appointment, treatment is administered. This step involves getting braces installed or any other applicable service. In many cases, you’ll need to book several appointments depending on the treatment and progress.

    Step 4: Aftercare

    As mentioned, the orthodontic treatments mentioned above require specific dental care routines to enjoy the best results. For instance, Invisalign aligners must be removed before eating. They must also be cleaned properly. Treatment also involves regular appointments. We let our clients know the specific aftercare routines to follow. 

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Our Advantage: Why Seek Orthodontist Services from Us?

Manalapan and New Jersey, as a whole, has many orthodontists. Why should you book an appointment with us? Well, here are the top reasons;

  1. Professional and experienced orthodontists: Our orthodontists are unmatched in professionalism and experience. We have the capacity to offer just about any orthodontist service safely and effectively, within industry standards.
  2. Wide service variety: We can install metal braces, ceramic braces, clear braces (Invisalign aligners), self-ligating braces, ClearCorrect braces, and more. Most importantly, our services are open to all (from children to adults who have misalignment issues).

III. Reasonably-priced services. Numerous payment options: Our services are also reasonably priced. We also take insurance and consider installment payments for pricey orthodontist treatments on request.

  1. Great customer support: Our patients get a Free initial consultation, and our orthodontists are always available to answer any questions. What’s more, patients get aftercare advice to ensure the best results.

What more can you ask for from the best orthodontists in Manalapan, New Jersey? Request for a FREE non-obligatory quote. Alternatively, you can request for a FREE consultation.

FAQs About Orthodontist Services

It depends! The price of braces in New Jersey will depend on the types of braces you want, extent of teeth misalignment, number of appointments required, and orthodontist clinic you seek treatment from, among other factors. The price averages $3,000 – $7500 but can easily fall outside this range based on the above factors. However, if you select orthodontists like us, rest assured you’ll pay fair rates.

Dentists deal with oral health issues affecting the teeth, gums, jaw, and nerves located in the mouth while orthodontists are focused on correcting misalignment and the bite (i.e., how teeth meet and align).

No! Orthodontists specialize in alignment of teeth and repositioning jaws which can be done with braces and other treatments like Invisalign clear aligners. Orthodontists can also offer dental treatment options or services for fixing common dental health problems.

Traditional braces (metal braces) are the oldest, most common, and cheapest types of braces. 

Clear braces i.e., Invisalign are the most expensive. This is attributable to the lab fees, 3D printing fees, and multiple custom aligners that must be made to straighten teeth. 

All orthodontists are dentists. However, not all dentists qualify as orthodontists. Generally, orthodontists are required to go to dental school and undergo an accredited program to qualify. As a result, orthodontists are more than dentists.

No! Dental surgery is done by dental surgeons. Orthodontists are focused on non-surgical dental treatments. In many cases, there’s no need for surgery to correct the bite, realign the teeth or jaw. Orthodontists rely on braces and other treatments like clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into position. The treatments are based on gradual force over a prolonged time and not surgery. 

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