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Our Ozone Therapy Difference

If you care to know why Dental Healing Arts is your #1 ozone therapy dental clinic in NJ, here’s why;

  • Holistic dentists with decades of experience (40+ years) in regular and holistic dentistry procedures, including ozone therapy. We understand what safe and effective ozone therapy is.
  • High-tech Ozone therapy equipment. We have equipment that produces ozonated oil, ozonated water, and ozone gas efficiently and safely.
  • Experienced dental professionals (such as dental hygienists and dental assistants). We have 14+ medical specialists who have served over 5000 dental patients successfully.
  • Vast dental services, including holistic dental services. Besides ozone therapy, you can get just about any dental health service imaginable (from Invisalign-certified services to bone grafting, biological dental services, and more!) We offer 20+ dental services.

Ozone Therapy in NJ

Dental Healing Arts is among the few dental clinics in NJ offering ozone therapy. This alternative dental treatment stands out in many ways. 

However, before we discuss Ozone dentistry in NJ, how we offer the service and more, it’s important to define some terms.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Most people think of the ozone layer when they hear the word “ozone”, which refers to a layer in the atmosphere that protects us from UV sun rays (known to be harmful). This layer, or its composition, happens to have an important application in dentistry.

The ozone layer is composed of 3-oxygen atoms (O3), creating a negatively charged particle that exists as a colorless gas. In simple terms, ozone is a form of oxygen but with three atoms of oxygen instead of two. When used in dentistry, ozone (in various forms) offers a non-invasive treatment option for many dental health problems.

For instance, Dental Healing Arts uses ozone therapy to safely kill microorganisms responsible for tooth decay and related problems. 

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History Of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy in dentistry can be traced to the 1930s when Dr. E.A. Fisch (a Swiss dentist) began using ozone regularly in his dental clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, and authored many publications on the subject.

Close to a century later, the benefits of dental ozone therapy can be enjoyed in North America, South America, Europe, and beyond. 

Dental Healing Arts is proud to continue this history!

How is Ozone Therapy Done in Dentistry?

Our NJ Ozone therapy service is quick and painless. Many treatments utilize ozone directly. In some treatments, the gas is mixed with oil or water to create ozonated oil or ozonated water. We utilize ozone in three main forms namely, ozonated water, ozone gas, or ozonated oil

Treatment generally takes minutes. The ozonated water, oil, or ozone gas is applied to the treatment area to kill pathogens like bacteria. Ozone also serves other purposes, like reducing tooth sensitivity. 

In case you are wondering where the ozonated oil, water, or ozone gas comes from, Dental Healing Arts has invested in the latest ozone-generating machines that create ozone gas from oxygen.

Ozone therapy treatment is administered by our highly experienced holistic dentists assisted by other skilled dental professionals. They apply the ozone gas, water, or oil to a patient’s gums or teeth and let it do its job. Ozone works like a disinfectant. 

The oxygen atoms interact directly with pathogens in the gums and teeth known to cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. The oxygen oxidizes the pathogens, killing them in the process. The oxygen atoms also break down plaque biofilms responsible for causing tooth decay.

Dental ozone therapy doesn’t damage healthy tissue. While cells have antioxidants that may try to fight the oxidative effect of ozone, pathogens responsible for dental health problems aren’t strong enough to fight ozone effects. 

What to Expect During Ozone Dental Treatment: Step-by-Step Guide

When you seek NJ ozone therapy treatment from Dental Healing Arts, you should expect the following;

Step 1: Consultation

Patients interested in holistic care dentistry treatments in NJ, such as ozone therapy can CONTACT US anytime. We will discuss everything from your dental health issues to patient history, what to expect during treatment and more!

Step 2: Appointment

After consultation, you can book an appointment. We are open all week except Sundays. Our Monday to Friday opening hours are 9am – 6.30am. Saturday: 8am-12pm.

Step 3: Ozone Dental Treatment

As mentioned, treatment lasts for minutes. Our able holistic dentists and dental professionals will prepare you for treatment which includes conducting an oral examination. We treat patients while they are lying down comfortably on the dentist’s chair like they would with most dental procedures.

Before treatment, we power our ozone generator to ensure we have enough ozone for the procedure. Our machines will produce ozonated water, oil or gas depending on what is required. Treatment is as simple as applying the gas, oil, or water to your gums and/or teeth. The process usually takes a few minutes (one to two minutes) for the ozone to work.

Step 4: Post Ozone Dental Therapy Treatment

After treatment, you should wait for a few minutes for the ozone gas, oil, or water to break down, after which you are free to leave. Treatment can involve follow-up sessions to monitor the progress of treatment.

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Ozone Uses in Dentistry. Applications of Ozone Therapy

What dental health problems can ozone therapy treat?

At Dental Healing Arts, we use ozone therapy to treat the following dental care problems;

1. Tooth Decay

We use ozone therapy to treat tooth decay. Ozone’s antibacterial properties are perfect for managing and preventing tooth decay. Studies have shown that ozone can stop small cavities from worsening in fissures and pits on the surfaces of back teeth. Ozone is also great for disinfecting decay areas below tooth restorations.

We can heal small cavities using ozone. This may require several visits. Ozone is great at killing oral bacteria, which secretes acid which weakens teeth enamel over time to cause cavities. Most importantly, ozone therapy targets the harmful bacteria and plaque only. 

It’s worth noting that saliva can’t remineralize the teeth naturally and strengthen enamel without the presence of plaque and bacteria. Ozone destroys cavity-causing bacteria without damaging oral tissue or affecting remineralization negatively. In fact, ozone is a tooth-strengthening treatment.

2. Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

If you have periodontal/gum disease, you can also benefit from our dental ozone NJ services. Gum disease is a very common dental health problem globally. The problem begins as a gum infection that spreads over time to the jawbone supporting the teeth. If left untreated, periodontal disease causes teeth and bone loss. Ozone therapy is effective for gum disease since ozone disinfects chronic gum infections.

Dental Healing Arts dentists apply ozonated water, ozonated oil or ozone gas directly to the gums. We let the gas infiltrate the gums and surround the tooth/teeth in question and any abscesses.

Some procedures may involve irrigating ozonated water for a few minutes per treatment session, for several weekly sessions to reduce bacterial count, plaque index, and gingival index.

3. Endodontics

We also use ozone therapy when conducting endodontic procedures like root canal. You need a root canal procedure when your oral pulp tissue (inside your tooth/teeth) becomes irreversibly infected. 

In the past, such tooth infections were treated by removing the infected teeth. However, it is possible to treat the infected tissue only while preserving the natural tooth/teeth. We apply ozone to disinfect canals inside the teeth and surrounding tissue on the tooth root tip. 

4. Temporomandibular Disorders

Our ozone therapy dental treatment in New Jersey can also treat temporomandibular disorders characterized by jaw pain and other symptoms, such as a limited ability to chew and/or open the mouth. There are studies indicating that ozone therapy can relieve temporomandibular pain.

5. Restorative Dentistry

Individuals seeking restorative dentistry services can also benefit from our ozone therapy service. The strong bacterial effect of ozone plays a critical role in disinfecting the treatment area during dental restorative procedures like installation of dental implants. Ozone also has many applications in restorative dentistry, requiring oral surgery. 

We use ozone therapy for simple tooth extraction procedures to severe jaw infections or osteotomy procedures. 

In dental surgery (such as implant dentistry or tooth extractions), ozone therapy will help in disinfecting and boosting oxygen release, which boosts blood supply and fastens wound healing.

6. Hypersensitive Teeth

If you have hypersensitive teeth, you could also benefit from ozone therapy. Some dental problems related to tooth structure loss occur due to many things ranging from erosion to trauma and abrasion. These dental problems are known to cause hypersensitivity. 

As mentioned, Ozone treatment can reduce sensitivity and pain linked to sensitive teeth. The therapy also makes typical dental procedures (such as teeth cleaning) bearable. We can apply ozone to hypersensitive teeth to get rid of sensitivity for a longer period than typical treatment modalities.

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Benefits of Dental Ozone Therapy

If you’re wondering what benefits you stand to derive from seeking our NJ ozone therapy services, here’s a summary;

  1. Effective in many dental health problems: As seen above, ozone dental therapy will treat many common dental health problems ranging from tooth decay to gum disease, TMJ disorders, hypersensitivity, etc. Ozone also plays a critical role in dental procedures.
  2. Remineralization benefits: As mentioned, ozone can strengthen weakened enamel, eliminating the need for additional remineralization solutions.
  3. Minimally invasive treatment: Ozone dental treatments are minimally invasive when compared to other dental treatments for tooth decay and gum disease. Treatment generally involves applying ozonated water, ozonated oil or ozone gas on the treatment area for a few minutes. Generally, ozone therapy doesn’t involve drilling or injections.
  4. Painless procedure: Since the procedure is noninvasive, you can expect a painless procedure. In fact, ozone numbs the treatment area, getting rid of sensation common with traditional treatments.
  5. Deals with tooth sensitivity: Ozone therapy is perfect for patients with hypersensitive teeth. As mentioned, the treatment is effective in repairing tooth enamel eliminating tooth sensitivity linked to thin enamel. The numbing effect of ozone treatment also addresses tooth sensitivity issues during treatment.
  6. Safer low-risk treatment: When you seek Ozone therapy from true professionals like us, you can rest assured of safe treatment. We’ve invested in high-tech ozone machines and have highly skilled dentists who know how to treat patients safely. Since ozone is non-invasive, you don’t need to worry about damage to oral tissue or tooth structure linked to invasive treatments.
  7. Quick treatment: A treatment session can last minutes. Treatment results are also faster than typical dental treatments.

Is Ozone Therapy Harmful in Dentistry? What are the Ozone Therapy Risks?

Many jurisdictions globally have approved and regularized the use of ozone therapy in dentistry. When you seek dental ozone therapy NJ services from true dental professionals like Dental Healing Arts, you can rest assured of safe treatment. As mentioned above, Ozone therapy is almost a century old. The treatment has been in existence since the 1930s.

What Side Effects Does Ozone Therapy Cause?

Ozone gas isn’t supposed to be inhaled. The treatment also carries some risks like any other treatment. For instance, ozone therapy shouldn’t be misused. Inhaling the gas can cause respiratory irritation and coughing. 

The importance of seeking treatment in a dental clinic that has invested in state-of-the-art ozone therapy equipment and has experienced holistic dentists can’t, therefore, be overemphasized. Seeking treatment from true dental professionals reduces the chances of experiencing harmful effects. 

Talk to us if you are concerned about ozone therapy side effects. Not every NJ dental practice offers ozone therapy treatment. Dental Healing Arts is among the select few holistic dentistry NJ clinics offering ozone treatments. Our highly skilled dentists and staff ensure safe and effective treatment. Book a consultation with our biological dentists tested and proven in ozone therapy.

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FAQs About Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

1. Can Ozone Therapy Heal Cavities?

YES! As mentioned above, ozonated water, oil or ozone gas can act on small cavities and heal them. Ozone is also great for disinfecting decay areas below tooth restorations.

2. Which Dental Health Problems Can Ozone Therapy Treat?

As discussed above, ozone therapy can treat many dental care problems ranging from tooth decay to gum disease, endodontics, and temporomandibular disorders. The treatment is also effective in restorative dentistry procedures such as installation of dental implants since ozone is a great disinfectant. The treatment can also be used to deal with hypersensitive teeth during typical dental procedures like teeth cleaning.

3. Can Ozone Therapy Save My Tooth?

YES! The treatment can deal with dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease that can damage teeth completely, resulting in teeth loss. Ozonated water, oil, or ozone gas can act on affected teeth and stop small cavities from worsening. Ozone therapy also disinfects chronic gum infections, which can prevent serious gum disease known to cause teeth loss.

4. How Long Does Ozone Therapy Treatment Last?

A typical ozone dental therapy session will last for a few minutes. The session involves exposing the tooth/teeth or gums to ozonated water, ozonated oil, or ozone gas. Generally, you may need one or multiple sessions to address the underlying dental health problem completely. The number of ozone therapy sessions required is dependent on the severity of your dental health problem.

5. Are Ozone Therapy Machines/Equipment Used in Dentistry Harmful?

No! Renowned dental clinics like Dental Healing Arts invest in safe, high-tech ozone therapy machines that pose no serious risks to patients. What’s more, treatment is administered by highly skilled and trained holistic dentists eliminating common aspects of human error during treatment. As long as you seek treatment from professionals, you shouldn’t worry about safety risks associated with ozone therapy or any other dental treatment.

6. What’s the Concentration of the Ozone Utilized in Dental Treatments? 

While the strength may vary based on the condition being treated and equipment being used, ozone gas used for dental applications is usually directed in small amounts directly to the treatment area. Ozonated water/oil is usually 4mg/l in concentration.

7. Who Should Get Ozone Dental Treatment?

Ozone therapy is a suitable treatment for almost everyone who suffers from dental health problems that can be treated safely and effectively using ozonated water, ozonated oil or ozone gas. The treatment is also perfect for individuals looking for holistic dentistry services. If you are seeking alternatives to traditional dentistry, ozone therapy is a good option. 

The same applies to patients who want a painless treatment that offers fast healing. Ozone therapy sessions last minutes and produce results faster than typical treatments. The numbing effect of ozone therapy also makes it perfect for people with hypersensitive teeth.

Ozone dental treatment is also for people who want non-invasive dental treatments. Generally, if you don’t like drilling, injections, and other invasive procedures associated with traditional dentistry, dental ozone treatments are perfect for you.

What’s more, the treatment works for dental health issues before they become severe i.e., minor tooth decay. If the cavity is severe, ozone alone may not be effective. Your dentist is best suited to decide if ozone is effective or not for your underlying dental health problem.

8. What’s the Cost of Dental Ozone Therapy Treatment in NJ?

Treatment cost varies depending on factors such as the dental health problem in question, and number of ozone therapy sessions required. Contact us to get an accurate estimate.

Important: While ozone dental therapy costs may be a concern, ozone therapy helps you avoid hefty dental costs in the future. The quick nature of treatment also saves time and money.

9. What Happens If I Inhale Ozone Gas or Swallow Ozonated Water or Ozonated Oil?

Ozone gas shouldn’t be inhaled. Exposure can cause throat and lung irritation leading to symptoms like throat irritation and coughing. High exposure has severe respiratory effects. The latest ozone therapy equipment is designed to prevent harmful exposure in any way.


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